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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not give a free trial class, but you can try one class at the drop-in price to see if you like our style. It’s worth it! 

Yoga Garage has two locations. In Florence it is located in via dei Conti 22/R, in the Center of Florence, next to the pharmacy. Can’t miss it! In Lucca it is in Via Guinigi 17/19 around the corner from the Torre Guinigi.

Google maps LINK Florence
Google maps LINK Lucca

You can see the schedule by clicking on the schedule link from our main page (or click here). Please create an account and sign in for class if you would like to come. If it is your first time at Yoga Garage or your membership is expired, register as “Unpaid Classes”. You can pay online with a credit card or you can pay by cash at the studio.
You must reserve every class in which you would like to participate. We ask that you create a free account using the schedule link from our main page (or clicking here) and sign up for classes. This guarantees your spot for the class!
We have pricing options to meet your needs! Please see our pricing section from the main page for a full list of prices. Or click here. Student prices here.
Yes, certainly! Please bring a valid student ID with you. Students must be ages 26 and under. You cannot pay online to have a student discount: please reserve as unpaid classes and pay at the studio before class.
We accept cash only at the school. You can pay online with a credit card through MindBody or via wire transfer.
We have mats for rent at the school for a small fee (for a single class, mat rental is 2 euros). You can bring your own mat of course!
You should arrive to class about 10 minutes early to settle comfortably into the space and be ready on your mat when class begins. We are not able to accommodate latecomers!
Please understand that we must start class on-time. There are many things to do before class starts i.e. filling out the liability waiver, paying, changing your clothes, finding space in the class, etc. If you arrive last-minute this brings anxiety to you, the teacher and the other students. We cannot accommodate this disruption to class. Please don’t get frustrated. We have many classes on the schedule and hope you can make it to the next one!
There is no dress code for yoga. You should wear clothing that is comfortable for you to move in. We practice yoga barefoot.
There are no levels. Beginners are welcome in every class. Everyone is encouraged to work hard and to their limit but also to listen to their bodies. If something does not feel right, don’t do it.
It’s never too late to start yoga. We practice yoga to become more flexible, not because we are already flexible. It does not matter how stiff we are. Everybody’s body is different. Just try your best and you will see that slowly, one breath at a time, you will have great benefits. Of course, if you have a particular condition or injury, please consult with your doctor before coming to class and bring with you for class a medical certificate (certificato medico per attività sportiva non agonistica).
Yoga can have many benefits for injuries or conditions but we please ask you to consult with your doctor before coming to class. Please check with your doctor if you must avoid certain types of exercise or movement and if it is ok for you to do yoga. Please bring a medical certificate from your doctor approving you for physical exercise.
We recommend to eat 2-4 hours before practicing. You don’t want to have a full stomach for practice. But listen to your body. If you feel that you need a snack or a tea/coffee/chocolate before yoga, go ahead.
We teach in both English and Italian so that the classes are accessible to everyone. Its also a great way to improve your Italian if you are trying to learn!
We don’t believe in styles, but if you don’t like this answer, we teach a dynamic class of vinyasa. A dynamic yoga where the breath is linked to the movement/posture and usually (but not always) the poses are held for 5 deep breaths. We teach pranayama (breathing exercises) too.
Please ask your doctor about practicing yoga before you come to us and bring a medical certificate with you. You can determine with your doctor if it is ok for you to practice. We can accommodate with pre-natal modifications. Please know that we do not teach pre-natal yoga specifically and we ask for a certificate from your gynecologist clearing you for practice. 
If your child is able to follow an hour/one hour and 15 minutes long class participating and staying on the mat then they are certainly welcome! We do not teach specifically yoga for kids but we have had children from as young as 5 years old participating in class.
You should practice as much as your body feels comfortable to do so. We believe in practicing yoga every day but also listening to our bodies. Especially at the beginning take it easy and build slowly the strength to practice (almost) every day
You can see the schedule by clicking on the schedule link from our main page (or click here You will be redirected to the MindBody site. Yo can dowload the app or continue with the browser. You can create an account, if you just want to see the schedule click on “CLASSES” and see our schedule.
We are very excited you would like to join our community! We have many package options for you to choose from. You can pay online or at the school choosing the option best suited for you. Please rememeber we are not able to pause any membership if not for unforeseen health reasons. All our members must bring a medical certificate (the law requires that; certificato medico per attività sportiva non agonistica) clearing you for physical activity. An Italian doctor must write the certificate. If you do not know where to go to get this certificate, please let us know.