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Guido Baligioni

guido bioGuido Baligioni began practicing yoga in 2000. Since then he has explored different methods. The Iyengar method taught him alignment and the pursuit of perfection in the postures (asana). From Ashtanga he learned vinyasa, the connection of breath and movement, the pursuit of perfection in the transition from one posture to another, as well as the constant attention to a controlled breath (Ujjayi). Experience as a Power yoga teacher taught him how useful it can be to create new sequences and to go to your limits. By the Scaravelli method he learned how to leave the breath flowing naturally, and how, by using softness with ourselves and with our bodies, sometimes we can achieve more benefits and results than with forcing, pulling or pushing.
On his way, Guido has met many great teachers. For long periods he studied and continues to study (especially the Iyengar and Ashtanga methods), because he believes that a teacher is (and always will be) a student first. He continues to learn with seminars and workshops held by world-renowned teachers which provide him not only with an “upgrade”, but a personal enrichment. Apart from his studies with his teachers, he values self-study as well. Guido is convinced of this discipline and tries to do as much as possible in his spare time. Fond of philosophy and breathing techniques (pranayama), he seeks to unite all aspects of yoga learned from his teachers, from books and from his own experience: the postures (asana) and the pursuit of perfection of the pose even in a dynamic flow; the movement and the art of following the breath and finding beauty and grace in the transition between two certain positions and; breathing (pranayama) and the constant attention to breathing and yoga locks (bandha). It is when one sits and draws attention to the breath (pranayama) that they begin a deeper search to discover themselves.