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200-hour Intensive Teacher Training with the YG Team!

April 1st to 21st

  • 3 weeks 
  • Yoga Alliance Certificate
  • Graduation Class taught by you!
  • Lectures every day from Monday to Saturday
  • Learn the basics of teaching from qualified teachers

Price: 2.300 €

For more information or to apply:

If you are good at something, for example yoga, it does not necessarily mean you know how to teach and pass on your knowledge to others. Indeed, often those who excel at something have difficulty explaining in simple terms what, for them, comes naturally and needs no instruction. There are yogis or yogini (male or female practitioners) with a breathtaking practice, but they cannot transmit what they know. They are the ideal candidates for our training courses: if you already have years of practice behind you and want to acquire the right tools to be effective in “building” a sequence, deepen the understanding of the body, study the history and philosophy of yoga and maybe turn your passion into a profession, our courses are for you! Both of our courses (200 hour and advanced 300 hour) are recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Even if yoga has not always been a part of your life, and has been a recent revelation, our course can be suitable for you: to deepen and even improve the practice and to learn in detail the theoretical and practical aspects of the world of yoga. A solid practice is not required, but is recommended. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us or come to the studio. We are happy to discuss any hesitation or doubts.

We have deliberately talked about practice without specifying our style. We do not believe that one school is better than another: there is only one yoga, and those who have seriously practiced Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha or any kind of yoga have without a doubt what it takes to become excellent teachers.

Our courses, made up of group lessons, practice at home, observations of lessons, written exams and practice teaching, give access to recognition by Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is the largest circuit in the world of yoga schools. Having a teaching certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance is crucial for anyone who wants to, anywhere in the world, be a yoga instructor.